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DllRegisterServer – Error code: 0x80004005

If you have this error with Vista or 7, the solution is “Run as administrator” the following shortcut:

Home – Accessories – Command Prompt

To do this you have to go to Command Prompt and right-click and select the Run as admin option that has a shield.

That way, we can run regsvr32 without problems.

On a Windows 64bit, 32-bit modules must reside and register from c:\windows\syswow64

So you have to open a command console as an administrator, go to c:\windows\syswow64, copy the module there, and from that path run regsv32.

To clarify a bit the regsvr32 of \windows\system32 is the 64-bit, and the regsvr32 of \windows\syswow64 which is the 32-bit, confuse the directories but it is.

NOTE: On 64-bit systems, each time a 32-bit job is launched, the \windows\syswow64 folder is remapped internally as \windows\system32 and the actual system32 is not accessible.

They have more information about this mechanism, called “File System Redirector” at

If you have a DLL made from .NET to register it, as indicated in a comment Daniel Donoso , you should, for example for Framework 4.0 do:





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